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"On the Horizon"

When you follow your heart, in your creativity and goals, you’re open to the new ideas, people and experiences. Focusing on your dreams, envisioning who you would like to align yourself with, suddenly appear “magic”. On my path, I'm connected with amazing and creative people and that’s what I'm most grateful for. Thus far, I've met wonderful new friends and look forward to what's on the horizon. Recently, a lovely young lady and her family came into my life and have a beautiful story to share. They came out here from Texas, as they sold everything they had and arrived on a wing and a prayer. The youngest daughter of Yvonne is Jazz and she is living her dream through her modeling, while here to further her career. At only 17 she knows exactly what she wants and is a true professional in front of the camera. We all had a blast creating her amazing photos. She was born to do this and appreciates others which makes her even more beautiful. When we were shooting her photos, crowds were gathering around us and Jazz was so relaxed, never skipping a beat. I get so much joy out of taking photos and these fun experiences make it more worthwhile. I think Jazz’s biggest blessing is that she is supported by a loving family who have joined her on this journey. Her Mother Yvonne, Sister Jessica and Niece Aulauna, are kind and gracious and most of all, they’re enjoying their new life in California. They all have dreams and are getting to live them out, while Jazz is pursuing hers. They are bright shining lights that came into my life through my photography and I look forward to seeing them flourish. I’m forever grateful to be doing what I love and sharing these moments in time with you.

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